And it’s All Over…

I understand that once you put something on the internet it is now in the public domain for everyone to read and see. It no longer becomes private and I should be prepared for any repercussions. Unfortunately, I made a few stupid decisions and my blog has been discovered by a colleague who clearly went through some obscure channels to find my blog. I’m not sure why this person wanted to so desperately know about my personal life but it is what it is!

I have learnt a lot from this situation about who to trust and the image that I ‘should’ be maintaining. I am an open person, this is what makes me who I am, but unfortunately I will now have to pick and choose who I trust in the future considering my life is now changing professionally.

I am very sad to have to stop writing for you all. This is something I really enjoyed! I documented my journey and it was so much fun reading you guys comments as well! I built this blog up from absolutely nothing only to have to cut it down!

My ‘public friendly’ posts are still available to read but my most popular posts are no longer available.

I will be back in the future, trust me on that one! But now I know how long it has takes to build up my presence on here I feel like my next launch has to be done correctly and cannot be rushed. As for my Twitter account, out of deep regret I will have to remove that too! Of course I will not be posting anything on here about my new domain but for the guys that always entertained me I assure you I will still be following your journey!

I am not sure how to feel about this. Pissed off because my wishes were completely disregarded out of total lack of respect? Upset because I thought I could trust people? Or just take the blame head on for my own stupidity! Either way the outcome is the same; I cannot trust anymore therefore I have to stop before it gets too out of hand.

My final post to you all as Ms Confused Woman! I am so upset! I wanted to end this blog by telling you I finally found a boyfriend but I guess we can’t always have what we want!

It’s been great guys, shame it ended far too soon!



2 thoughts on “And it’s All Over…

  1. Sharn says:

    Sorry you’re having to withdraw. It seems a bit excessive that anyone you work with would go to so much trouble to find you!

    Hope you’re back soon.


    • Indeed I do! 😦 I don’t know why they would do so either and there is a few complications with this otherwise I would have just carried on! I’m just upset that this has been taken from me. I will be sure to let u know when I come back! It will be soon…ish! Thank you for your support! 🙂


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